Juvenile Boot Camps

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  • Published : March 11, 2009
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Juvenile Boot Camps

In this project I am going to talk about the problem that different states have in juvenile offenders and how they deal with them in regards to juvenile boot camps, also I am going to explain what is known about juvenile boot camps in the United States, the degree of success of these efforts, and a general summary of boot camps. With that in mind I am going to answer 4 different questions in order to gain a better understanding of this program. The questions I will answer are as follows: How have different jurisdictions dealt with delinquency problems, Which states have boot camps and why, When did these states start using them, and finally What types of offenders are associated with these boot camps.

To start this out, I am going to describe some personal experiences with juvenile boot camps with my own friends and family. My oldest niece Marie was into a lot of trouble growing up and she was in and out of juvenile homes and different placements. Marie went to three different juvenile boot camps prior to graduating from one and finally turning 18. I think in her case, her family was the main reason she was in so many homes and couldn’t stay out of trouble. With so many kids today, the home is where many children either make it in society or becomes another menace to that society. For now she is over 18 and she still gets into trouble but the difference is now she will go to adult jails and prisons instead of boot camps.

When I was in high school, I had a friend named Chris Sanchez. Unlike my niece, he had a good family and had every chance for a successful life. He decided to do things against the norm and be part of the percent of teens that wanted to act up. He went to several juvenile boot camps set up like military training camps and even some that were wilderness camps. Despite every resource provided by the state, he still chose to do opposite of what was expected of him and now just like my niece is currently in and...
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