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Topics: Adolescence, Young adult, Educational psychology Pages: 4 (865 words) Published: March 3, 2013
General topic: Rebellion in Adolescence

Specific Purpose: I want my audience to understand the reasons that teenager rebel.

Organizational Pattern: Topical

Attention-getter: Just hearing the word 'teenager' can send chills down the backs of some parents. In our society, adolescence is often viewed with dread and fear. The media often portrays teenagers as rebellious troublemakers that cause their parents untold grief. Actually, most adolescents weather the teen years with minimal difficulty.

Purpose Statement: Today, I would like to talk about the reasons of teenager act so annoying.

Reasons to listen: If you become a parent, perhaps you want to know why your kid doing stuffs that can hurt you.

Credibility: I used to be a teenager that makes my mom sad.

Preview: Three main reasons
1. Too Strict Rules
2. They want attention.
3. Parents have high expectations.

Transition: Let’s begin our discussion by talking about the teenager rebel by starting with first main reason, too many strick rules.


1. Some parents or teachers are too strict in implementing rules. As if they don't give these young people any chance to reason out, complain or make any suggestions. Since they are in higher authority, the young should follow and obey. When teen agers are under the stern control of older folks, they will resent and rebel. A. It would be best if teens be given chance to take part in making the rules and agree to the consequences that go with it. This would make them be responsible of their own actions and there would be less violations committed. When teen agers are treated this way, Sure enough, no reason for them to rebel. [ 1 ]

Transition: Sometimes, people are too strick with teenagers, and when they behave well, they don’t get the praise that they deservd. Which is another reason why teenagers rebel, they want attentions.

Some teenagers lack attention. They feel as if nobody...
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