Teenage Rebellion

Topics: Adolescence, Puberty, Young adult Pages: 8 (3038 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Teenage rebellion is not a new issue in society and every generation has had this conflict. Teenage years are not always a nightmare for parents, and most adults enjoy watching their children grow into young adults. The biggest thing about teenage rebellion, is that young people go through a period of wanting to reject everything their parents stand for. This leads us to ask the question, is this normal and is it healthy? Some may say it is, and some may say it is not. The key task of rebellion is to find personal values, even though it is almost impossible for teenagers to do so successfully, because of the critical examination of parental ways of thinking. The only way to deal with rebellious teenagers is to avoid confrontation and recognize the fact that most teenagers will pass through this stage and return to the normal lifestyle. In this paper I will attempt to show that this type of behavior is normal for teens, and moreover, is also healthy. Teenagers are not really rebellious. It is just the stage everybody has to go through, which is completely natural. When you were a child, everyone told what you what to do and what not to do. Becoming older makes it possible to do what you were not allowed to do before. Teenagers feel themselves adult enough to do whatever they want. Not always knowing what to start with, the first thing they do is doing something that their parents would not do[1]. This may include radical changes in the appearance which is the first signal that the child is no longer a child, but a teenager. It is a natural process and causes no harm to health. It is just a way of experimenting with things for themselves. Parents need to realize that teenagers are not attacking the personal value system, and actively forbidding them to do something will not help. They will want it even more as a result, and most likely will do it anyway. One of the funniest things is that even the most rebellious teenagers end up having the same value system as their parents[2]. Therefore, the rebellion itself is a sign of normal development. Moreover, it is healthier for teenagers to feel and show some independence, rather than accept everything they are told. The most upsetting concern with the teenager, is that the previously calm child has now become very critical of his parents. It is easier when parents understand that for the teenager, it is a hard time also. Learning to become independent is a difficult task. If the teenager has the right to express his/her opinion and feels respect, then this stage seems smoother. However, it is never acceptable for the teenager to become abusive with parents. It has been noticed that the teenagers who grow up independent, feel themselves more secure at home, and are more willing to agree with the parents. During the rebellion period, teenagers become obsessed with the mirror and are often very dissatisfied with their appearance. As a result, the young adult becomes moody and introspective. The reason behind these changes is hormonal change which knocks off any balance in the body[3]. It regulates the sexual development and changes in the appearance. For examples, boys have to deal with their voice breaking, increasing body hair, and new sexual feelings. They grow very quickly and it is not surprising that they become clumsy. Moreover, at this stage a friend’s opinion is the most important thing in the world, and appearance is one of the many ways to fit into the peer group. Most parents forget how difficult the teenager years were. While being teenagers they also were moody, which is partially caused by hormonal changes. However, there is also psychological basis for mood changes. Many young people try to find their own way in life. It is especially common for the 15 year old teenager to try and find out how they perceive themselves, and more important, how their perception of themselves matches with what other people...
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