Just Be Yourself

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  • Published : November 6, 2011
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People all around the world dress differently, and have different views on their appearance. Some people think it’s important to look their best and, therefore, give careful attention the clothing they wear. Other people don’t seem to care. I, myself, am one of the people that don’t seem to care. The old saying, “Clothes make the person,” is completely false, and I strongly disagree with it. Clothes do not make the person at all. No matter what I put on, I’ll always be the same person. In our society today, people judge others, and follow the crowd by wearing what everyone else is wearing. The clothes you wear everyday on the outside, have no effect on the person you are. Everyone should just be themselves and wear whatever they want to wear without fear of being judged or criticized. If people are going to judge you, they’re not worth the time. Everyone has their own personality, and different ways of expressing it.

Primarily, in high school, kids tend to follow the crowd and dress how everyone else is dressing. The popular kids in my high school always had the popular and top brand t-shirts and jeans. They also all wore either Jordans or Nikes on their feet and had numerous pairs which would be swapped every other day. All the popular kids had their pants hanging down and wore fitted hats. You could easily tell the popular kids from the nerds in our school and just because they dressed nice, didn’t mean they were all nice people. Majority of them were jerks and liked to start fights. I never cared too much about wearing the clothes everyone else was wearing. Music is my life. I love all music, but my favorite is death metal. Most of my t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hats, were all merchandise from my favorite bands. Most of the kids didn’t know what the graphics and band names were on my shirts. I wore them because I liked them and my close friends also liked them. I didn’t care what I wore around school. I just wore what I liked and didn’t...
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