Should Students Be Required to Wear Uniform

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Should School Uniforms be Required?
When thinking about a uniform you think of a police officer or maybe even someone in the military, but what about uniforms in school? Today, there are more schools than ever that are considering switching to uniforms to keep things equal and professional throughout the student body, but is it fair to make restrictions to students on being able to express themselves personally? Students may feel like they are being cheated on personalization and freedom to express who they are but the safety and security of the student body is more important than expression of style. The school system is struggling more and more each day to maintain a sense of security and organization with the ever growing concern of bullying, crime rates, sexual distractions, and social inequalities. Uniforms will help create a more controllable and relaxed atmosphere for students and school employees alike. We live in a materialistic world where people are always looking to judge individuals on the clothes he or she is wearing. The world has put extreme pressure on our kids to wear curtain name brands in order to fit in. A child that has to worry if other kids are going to laugh or make fun of them because of the clothes he or she is wearing takes away from that child’s learning experience. The stress of school work is enough and no child should have to worry about being made fun of because he or she is not wearing those brand name clothes. Large cities have crime issues that just involve kids wanting the more expensive clothes and that causes problems for the other children who are wearing them; the students have to worry about those items getting stolen or fighting other kids for their clothing. This problem has even got the attention of former President Bill Clinton in saying, “School uniforms are one step that may be able to break this cycle of violence, truancy, and disorder in our school systems” (Chen, 2008). The use of school uniforms will...
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