Juno Oral Text Essay

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  • Published : January 15, 2013
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English essay- visual or oral text
Describe at least one incident that was an interesting surprise. Explain how the interesting surprise helped you learn about a character or characters in the text. An interesting surprise in the text “Juno” directed by Jason Rietman was Juno’s decision to put her baby up for adoption. This surprise helped me learn about Juno’s maturity, also the surprise helped me learn that Juno’s parents, Brenda and Mack, respected Juno’s decisions and supported her in any way they could, and Juno’s best friend Lea also supported Juno. Another interesting surprise was when Juno pretend hung herself with liquorice. “It started with a chair”. The opening scene is a close up shot of a red chair, and the beginning of the text. The next scene is in the local dairy where Juno goes in to buy her third pregnancy test, this shows that Juno does not want to be pregnant, so she is checking again and again in the hope that the first two were defective, the shop keeper, noticing that this is the third time Juno has bought a pregnancy test remarks, “That’s the third time today momma bear, your ego is Prego” this is use of rhyming dialogue. This pregnancy leads to the first interesting surprise which was when Juno got a long length of red liquorice and pretend hung herself over her pregnancy. This surprising incident helped me learn about Juno because it shows that even in this serious situation, she turns to humour to help deal with her problems. When Juno decided to put her child up for adoption, it was a medium shot of Juno and Lea sitting on a park bench, Juno said “I could like, have the baby and then give it to a really nice lesbian couple or something”, later Lea helped Juno look for an adoption couple in a newspaper called “the penny saver”. This interesting surprise helped me learn how supportive lea is to Juno by hanging out with her in the park, sitting with her in school, and she was also t here when Juno told her parents she was pregnant....
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