June Birthing- Character Analysis

Topics: Meaning of life, Joyce Carol Oates, Want Pages: 2 (749 words) Published: November 20, 2011
It’s like stepping into a store and not knowing exactly what you are looking for. But once you come across this item, you find yourself not being able to leave until it is in your possession and you know you will have it forever. Kathe Connor from the story June Birthing by Joyce Carol Oates relates to this thought because she comes across a similar issue, but with a whole different meaning. One evening on her way home from work, Kathe discovers a fawn on the side on the road. She wants to save the extremely small newborn animal and along the way she discovers new feelings and a power within herself that she never thought in her wildest dreams she would have. Throughout the story Kathe portrays many different traits, such as her wisdom, her motivation, and the kind heartedness she has for others. Not everyone has intelligence and knowledge to know right from wrong; wisdom comes with age and experience. From reading this story we come to find that Kathe is very opinionated and set in her ways. Right off the bat she states that she believed “mere chance is unworthy of changing a life”. For Kathe to have this perception of life is a trait of having wisdom. When an unexpected situation arises, knowing what to do show this as well. When Kathe finds the fawn, she immediately realizes the animal is way too young to be on its own and survive, so she decides to do the right thing and bring the fawn to a shelter. Throughout the story we can also come to the conclusion that Kathe has a lot of wisdom when it comes to life experiences because she typically keeps quiet and thinks thoughts to herself, she analyzes the conversation or situation, takes it in and when she thinks she has it figured out, that is when she speaks with absolute knowledge and confidence. Motivation comes in many different forms and for many different reasons. Everyone has their own reasons for their motivations, and I believe Kathe Connor’s reason for motivation is her underlying want for...
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