Jumping to Conclusions Is Wrong

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  • Published : March 21, 2013
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People in today’s society tend to jump to the wrong conclusions about others. Jumping to the wrong conclusions can be very hurt full to other people. In my opinion I think that people should stop jumping to conclusions and take the time to get to know someone. . These are the three main ones that I see the most are peoples appearance, race and religion, location. People are often jumping to the wrong conclusions about someone’s appearance. They would see a person that is dressed poor and he might be poor or maybe even rich. If someone has a scare across their face does not mean that he is a violent person, maybe he was in a car accident and his face needed to be stitches. People tend to jump to conclusions about the way they walk or talk they might seem very bad but it does not mean that they are. People think just because a person is wearing something that they would not wear does not mean that you should stay away from them. People think that everybody that is either dressed funny, walks funny, appearance funny does not make a person bad. People when they go out for dinner they look for a parking lot that has a lot of cars, not the ones that don’t. People jump to conclusions on a place or home that looks bad. People think that because there is not a lot of people at a restaurant do not mean that it has bad service maybe they just opened and not a lot of people know about that place. Like if your son has a new friend and invited him over and the house is in a bad part of town does not mean that the family is bad. People think that all Italians eat is pasta and pizza but they don’t some eat food like grill cheese, hamburgers, and chicness food. People generalise that black people can’t drive it is not true I know a lot of black people that can drive very well. Others think that Russian is still communist but they’re not communism in Russia ended in 1991. People think that all Jamaican love Bob Marley well that is true. People...
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