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Jumeirah Group|
Corporate Social Responsibility|

2nd of May 2011

Table of Content
2.Jumeirah and Corporate Social Responsibility2
2.1. Existing Programmes2
2.2. Establishing a CSR Plan for Jumeirah and its Implementation4
2.3. Organizing CSR4
2.4. Potential Programmes5
2.5. Actions to be taken6

1. Introduction
Jumeirah Group is an international luxury hotel chain and hospitality company and part of Dubai Holding, which is owned by the Dubai Government. It is among the most luxurious and innovative hospitality companies in the world and has won numerous international travel and tourism awards. Jumeirah Group was founded in 1997 with the aim to become a hospitality industry leader through establishing a world class portfolio of luxury hotels and resorts. The Group’s activities are, however, not restricted to hotel and resort management, besides Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts the Jumeirah Group´s portfolio also includes;

* The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management; the region’s only fully accredited third-level academic institution offering degree programmes in hospitality management * Jumeirah Living; the Group’s luxury brand of serviced residences in luxurious surroundings * Talise; Jumeirah's own luxury holistic spa brand currently the biggest spa in the Middle East * Jumeirah Restaurants; the company’s dedicated restaurant division including the Noodle House and Sana Bonta and * Wild Wadi Waterpark; the companies own theme park

Jumeirah's portfolio includes six properties in Dubai, the Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Jumeirah Beach Hotel, the Madinat Jumeirah the Wild Wadi Water Park and The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management .Whilst the majority of Jumeirah's hotels are based in Dubai, they are expanding aggressively overseas. As at February 2007, Jumeirah has two properties in England and one in the United States and hotels under development in Bermuda, China, Germany, Jordan, Qatar, Maledives, Spain, Thailand and the United Kingdom.

Jumeirah´s Guiding Principles & Vision

Jumeirah has six guiding principles, which every employee is encouraged to bear in mind at all times. Together with the three Hallmarks those Principles show Jumeirah´s standing and attitude. The graph below shows the six principles and what they stand for. Furthermore Jumeirah´s Vision makes clear that their main focus lies on the stakeholders. From the beginning Jumeirah has followed this vision and understood the importance of all involved. This Vision is set out even more detailed in their guiding principles and explains Jumeirah´s focus and the approach how to treat stakeholders and encourage their well-being.

To be a world class luxury international hotel and hospitality management company, committed to being the industry leader in all of our activities through dedication to our stakeholders; colleagues, customers, business partners and owners.

Setting out those principles seems fairly nice but one should consider how those principles are translated into everyday life. The success of those principles and the achievement of a sustainable business are reached by:

Graph [ 1 ]: Guiding Principles of Jumeirah

* Making customers our first priority and striving constantly to exceed their expectations * Applying our Hallmarks, Guiding Principles and Core Standards in our day-to-day activities * Leading by example and role-modeling a culture of excellence in everything we do * Providing consistently superior and innovative products and services

2. Jumeirah and Corporate Social Responsibility
Jumeirah has only recently started to engage in a real CSR plan. They have a clear vision to becoming the industry leader and to create value for their stakeholders. In order to do so Executive Chairman Gerald Lawless has stated that Jumeirah focuses on sustainable...
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