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This scene is broken into 4 sections, within it there are 3 characters; Donna, Rodney and Melissa-Anne. The first section of the scene was solely Donna explaining what was going on and the current situation of the party. The next section starred Melissa-Anne and Rodney; this was when they were waiting for Donna to pick them up, they were in Rodney’s bedroom. The following section was again of Donna and she was explaining to the audience that she had realized what was actually going on and also she started to compare herself to the present situation. This continued into the final section of the scene with all 3 characters in it. Donna was in the car with Rodney and Melissa and was talking to them about her personal experiences with alcohol and other existing issues. This scene was very important to the play because it was the set up for the party and hence Rodney’s death. It was also important because it gave an insight in to the relationship of Rodney and Melissa-Anne and showed that Donna wasn’t as responsible as she was initially made out to be.

In this scene Melissa-Anne seemed to be quite controlling and also devious. She was quickly able to take hold of what ever was happening and turn it around to suit her and what she wanted. She also seemed to have power over Rodney and could convince him to do nearly anything, without it seeming as though she pressuring him. Rodney seemed to be quite childish and pretends that he is rebellious. He makes out that he gets drunk to try and impress Melissa-Anne and then turns it into a joke when he realizes that he isn’t fooling her. He also acts like an idiot when he doesn’t understand something or just can’t handle being serious. Donna thought she was mature and responsible but in this scene it became semi-obvious that she wasn’t. She tried to play the “cool sister” by helping Melissa-Anne and Rodney sneak out but also tried to be serious by telling them a story about herself. This revealed that she was irresponsible...
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