Drama - Essay - Blood Brothers Section 1

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Drama Essay – Section 1

Our task was to dramatise and perform an extract from the play text ‘Blood Brothers’. The performance had to take into consideration the intentions of the playwright and use an appropriate style. My group chose to perform seven scenes from the play. The beginning scene for our piece is looking at how the lack of money affected the children at that time, with children that were complaining they were hungry and that they didn’t have all they wanted and showing that the mother couldn’t do anything about it. We chose this scene to start our piece as it shows the audience straight away the time and place the whole play is set in. Mrs Johnston then does a small monologue about how she is coping and how difficult life would be with two more children on the way. I feel this scene allows me to demonstrate my acting ability as it is a monologue and I have to show a lot of emotion when performing it. The fourth scene shows how superstitious Mrs Lyons is and introduces the theme of superstition, which plays a major part throughout the original play. The ‘Our Sammy’ speech was included in our piece as it is a key moment within the text. The final scenes show Mickey and Eddie meeting and how Mrs Johnston reacts when she realises they are friends. We felt that these scenes would be suitable for our piece as the meeting of the two boys is very important to the play and the final scene, again, incorporates the theme of superstition. Willy Russell wrote Blood Brothers in the early 1980’s. He grew up in a female dominated, working class family on the outskirts of Liverpool. He trained as a hairdresser and then undertook a variety of jobs before becoming a playwright. Blood Brothers is an adaptation of a Liverpudlian folk tale about two twins that are separated at birth. The main themes within the play are; Nature & Nurture, Money, Class, Childhool, Love, Superstition and Fate. The play is set in the 1980's and the playwright draws on a lot of the...
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