Judicial Activism in Pakistan

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  • Published : May 28, 2013
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“Despondency and uncertainty were dominating the facet of the rule of law in Pakistan and then in a sudden a man rose like e phoenix from the ashes and struggled for the restoration of rule of law and opened a new era of justice for all “

1. Introduction
2. Factors:
* unceremonious removal of chief justice and the public reaction * Government apprehensions concerning Judicial Activism
* Unprecedented defiance of Chief Justice
* Reassertion/awaking role of civil society
* role of media/projection of media in evoking public interest attenntion * government's mishandling of this whole affair

3. Significant developments between March 9 and July 20
* Chief Justice defiance 3
* support of lawyers amd judges/ legal community
* involvement of civil society actuviists

The Judicial crises has dominated the political scenario in Pakistan since March 9th, the suspension of Judiciary has evoked varied responses. On one hand judicial crises rekindled the popular aspirations towards rule of law, independent judiciary and undiluted democracy ensuring civilian supremacy. On the other hand the suspension of judiciary after November 3rd has led to the disillusionment of public from the cherished ideals that may help the country get rid of the decades of authoritarian traditions, autocratic rule and political decay. Given the chequered political scenario of Pakistan fraught with uncerertanities, the resoulotion of this crises may/would determine the future political dynamics of Pakistan.

UNCEREMONIOUS REMOVAL OF CHIEF JUSTICE AND THE PUBLIC REACTION: 1. Government apprehensions concerning judicial activism:
The judiciary under suspended Chief Justice had taken Judicial Activism to new height and tthis Judicial Activism was directed towards ensuring rule of law, expeditious provision of justice and checking state authoritarianism but this Judicial Activism ran counter with the...
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