Judging by the Cover

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  • Published : May 25, 2013
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I. Judging a book by the cover and a person by his or her outward appearance is a being judgmental without knowing what the content of the book is and without analyzing the difference of inside and the outward appearance of a person. We are accepted by our family, friends and relatives who we are but, other organization such as, businesses, public relations, and schools discouraged skull or visible tattoos, ear or tongue piercing, hairstyle, garments or even our clothes for everyday basis. Some issues of safety, human rights and freedom of every person are discriminating who you are. Every person must carefully consider their choices. II. Dress code we wearing applies who we are

A. Home
B. Workplace
III. Profanity of visible tattoos
A. Public Places
B. School
IV. Human Rights and Freedom
A. Workplace
B. Individual Person
V. Discrimination
A. Workplace
B. Civilian

III. Businesses or Workplace goals is to hire applicants in their professionalism A. Dress Code

IV. Teaching showing etiquette and good conduct
V. Conclusion:
Considering our personal choices in life whether intentionally or unintentionally, people have the right to criticized, and react to it. We are only human being that every time we see or hear something different we talk about it and give comments or suggestion. Sometimes, we even copy what she is wearing, but, whatever are the consequences it might be, willingness to accept and respect to it. People are free to criticize someone and others are free to comment to it, as long as its standards are legal.