Judgement and Decision Making

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  • Published : March 14, 2009
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Judgement and Decision Making

In listen in on the meeting with Ron and the other company my objectives is that I know Ron heard the information that was presented and I believe he was comfortable with what he heard and seen on the presentation because of the way it was presented and because of that Ron made a quick decision.(www.decision-making.com) Sometimes we make quick decision and not really consider the facts but here Ron knew the facts because he seen the presentation plus he had history with this company because they had sold him the equipment and now they were back to show him how the equipment that the company had purchase can work for them. There can be traps in organizational decision-making that can adversely affect performance. The frame trap meaning the way a problem is framed can profoundly influence the choice one makes. I think that Ron would have come to a different decision if he was not familiar with the company and if the company had not sold them the equipment but since they were the ones who sold Ron the equipment the decision was easy for Ron to make and the presentation also helped. I think that if there was no presentation or brochures Ron would have came up with a different decision. What do I believe are the implications of framing our decisions and our attempts to influence others? I will use children for example the things that is instilled in a child when they are young will impact their lives as an adult the reason being if you didn’t instill good thing in your children when they were young when they are older they will make a lot of bad decisions because they wasn’t taught no better although some children still make bad decision and they were well raised as a child. When it comes to decision making most of the time we make...
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