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Topics: Emotion, Solstice, Midsummer Pages: 3 (1006 words) Published: October 8, 2012
In closing, Stress is a very serious matter that shouldn’t be taken lightly. As stated there’s many consequences that can follow a life full of stress, being life damage, failure, and even death. On the other hand there’s ways to manage and a get threw stress periods, also being talking to others concerning this problem. Stress is common things in the everyday life of are citizens no matter the race, age, nor place of origin. It’s a serious matter that should be taken seriously by all and handled at its highest level. Live life as you want to and never let anything stop you from being who you want to be. Stress is never worth losing your life over and will never equal to the joy in life that makes life so much worth living.  Situations requiring change or a response is reacted by the body's action stress. Stress can be positive or negative. How stress is handled is called Fight or Flight. Stress can be positive by keeping 

one positive and ready to avoid danger. Positive stress can be good by motivating one to take that extra step or to get it over with. Negative stress is when challenges keep coming one after the other without any sort of relaxation inbetween. Feeling overworked can lead to feeling distressed. Launching into overdrive in every situation really makes an impact on the body. Stress affects the emotions, behavior, and physical health in so many ways. Stress affects the emotions where all of a sudden everything feels overwhelming, tense, and on edge. Stress can make people feel irritable and aggravated easily. Emotional stress is almost always self created. Thinking about the situation and just that situation can put strain on the nerves and brain. Other emotional symptoms of stress can be followed by impatience, lonlieness, short temper, restlessness, and moodiness. Theres always the saying "don't stress yourself to death". Stress affects the behavior of a person and there actions. Someone may try and block out what is emotionally stressing them...
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