Journey to the West

Topics: The Immortals, Immortal, Immortality Pages: 2 (548 words) Published: January 20, 2013
In The Journey to the West, Pilgrim and the woodcutter seem to be similar where they both feel that they have a purpose in life. However, their situations are different from one another. For instance, Pilgrim tries to better himself by seeking the immortals, as well as, gaining eternal youth. He is full of passion, desire, and excitement, which has lead him to have no worrisome thoughts. He has nothing holding him back from the tasks that he wishes to accomplish. Unlike the Pilgrim, the woodcutter continuously is concerned about his mother and how he is going to make enough money each day to take care of her. The immortals even taught the woodcutter a poem that would help him to calm down because of his worrisome feelings. Pilgrim is someone that follows his curiosity to find newer and bigger things, while the woodcutter is merely a slave to his obligations of making a decent living. Due to his obligations, the woodcutter does not have any dreams for his future, and even if he did, he would never dare follow them. Pilgrim only cares about himself and the benefits that he will receive due to his journey to find the immortals. The woodcutter is not as selfish or as motivated with what he wants to do with his life. Since the woodcutter was a child, he has taken on the responsibility of being an adult. Woodcutter approaches Pilgrim by saying, “when I was young, I was indebted to my parents’ nurture until I was eight or nine. As soon as I began to have some understanding of human affairs, my father unfortunately died, and my mother remained a widow. I had no brothers or sisters; so there was no alternative but for me alone to support and care for my mother. Now that my mother is growing old, all the more I dare not leave her” (Wu Cheng’en 433). Even after the woodcutter’s explanation, Pilgrim still asked him to come along on his journey with him to find the immortals. Pilgrim does not have any concern or regard about the woodcutter’s problems and his responsibility...
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