Journey: the North Coast Analysis

Topics: Nature, Natural environment, Emotion Pages: 3 (774 words) Published: November 19, 2012
How are ideas conveyed in ‘Journey: The North Coast’?
Robert Grey is an imagist who paints with words. Using imagery in his poems, Grey is able to visually communicate emotions and ideas. His poetry is concerned with the urbanisation effects on Australian nature and changes it brought within the lifestyle. This is metaphorically expressed in the poem ‘Journey: The North Coast’ as he dwells on the sheer beauty that can be found in the natural world in contrast to the alienated environments manufactured by men. In contrast to the idea of modernisation, Grey also expresses values of love and respect for the environment and nature through the physical and emotional journey. Additionally, the idea of Australian landscapes and strong sense of identity in ‘Journey: The North Coast’ reflects in poet’s visualisation of the country side where he allows the readers to explore the beauty of Australian landscapes and empathize with the poet.

The harsh effects of modernisation in ‘Journey: The North Coast” are shown through persona’s escape on the train from Sydney to a country side. In addition, the poet is trying to illustrate the fast pace of a city life through the onomatopoeia of words ‘booms and cracks and tears the wind apart’. Grey uses strong verbs such as ‘swing out’ and ‘rattle up the sash’ to express the anxiety about leaving this one place which has detached him from home. Through the phrase ‘flees on the blue and silver paddocks’, Grey is able to present an escape from commercialised world to the natural environment. A sense of relief is depicted in the phrase ‘I rise into the mirror, rested’ through the use of first person which allows the readers to empathise with the poet’s decision. Towards the end, sharp sentences focus solemnly on poet’s perspective on commercialism which has changed his life and forced him to leave the ‘furnished room’. This is a representation of the city where after spending ‘twelve months’, the poet has reached a realisation about...
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