Crossing the Red Sea

Topics: Suffering, World War II, Debut albums Pages: 2 (485 words) Published: May 27, 2012
Crossing the red sea essay

“Crossing the Red Sea" is a poem that is based on World War ll. Thousands of people were displaced by the destruction and cruelty of the war. They looked for a new life in a new world. In the poem a there is a substantial amount of people on a ship leaving there shattered and war torn homeland. The poem displays how people have suffered and seen dreadful scenes. It also expresses there sadness and grief that has left them each flabbergasted and scared. As they set sail, slowly they drift away from their pain and let out there anger onto the pure sea. Even though they are thankful that they are still breathing, they wonder what might be on the other side of the red sea, what there fortune corresponds to. It gives the reader the impression that it’s only the beginning.

The poem crossing the Red sea is linked into the topic journeys because, it shows you how each person is expressing their inner journey as well as their physical journey to somewhere where they might find hope and remedy. The most significant journey is migration which is a physical journey. Migration plays a big role in the poem because in the poem it states how the people are travelling to another country to move away from jeopardy and loss. For the people moving away from their war torn country was simply a search for a new beginning or opportunity, but many had to undertake desperate journeys to the comparative safety of another country, to escape tyranny and persecution in their own.

The poet gets his ideas across through using techniques. The poet expresses anonymity which emphasises the magnitude of the journey. "unshaven faces", "stretched out on blankets and pillows, against cabins and rails: shirtless, in shorts, barefooted", these quotes use vivid imagery to show us the conditions they were in. "A trembling voice, that sang at the rails", this quotes uses vivid emotive images of the state of migrants as they set of "trembling voices" shows the...
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