Journal Summary-International Marketing Ethics from an Islamic Perspective a Value-Maximization Approach

Topics: Islam, Marketing, Muhammad Pages: 3 (924 words) Published: November 28, 2012
Journal Summary
International marketing ethics from an Islamic perspective: A value-maximization approach

At the heart of Islamic marketing is principle of value-maximization based on equity and justice that can perform wider welfare for society nowadays. In case, there have five reason in the Islamic religious perspective that is importance in the global business ethic. First, Islam provides a guideline that builds the moral and ethical behavior. Second, Muslims countries represent the huge number of affluent customers in this era. Next, Islamic countries ready to welcome foreign investors and the result of this item, the level of foreign investment was increasing. In addition, what we can see, the Islamic trade expanding rapidly in International market from day to day absolutely can convince others to come and invest to these Islamic countries. Lastly, Muslims are control the application of the Islamic law in the thought and life aspect. Islamic teaching in economics operation was including in marketing field whether domestic or global that absolutely has been providing with two resources; the Quran and Hadith. The Islamic perspective offers ways that create value and elevate the standard of living of people through commercials pursuits and it is also quite unique regarding the aspect of human activity in life. What we are doing in our life will be the things that we are responsible for and will be count at last. In facts, there is the concept of idealism and relativism as it means of setting ethics standards has acquired popularity among theoreticians. Idealism relates to the tendency to consider injury to others while relativism measures the tendency to disregard universal moral values. As we can see, international marketing relativism is becoming more influent in the field of global business. The basic of relativism is their experience and the term of experience can be described as their own culture. Islamic international ethic was difference from a...
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