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Topics: Technical drawing, Engineering drawing, Plate tectonics Pages: 3 (582 words) Published: January 24, 2013
DRAW 10W – Technical Drawing

Laboratory Rules:

1. Use drawing tables properly and avoid writing unnecessary marks and vandals on the drawing boards. 2. Throw trash on the garbage bins.
3. Avoid vandalism on walls, tables, and chairs.
4. FOOD and DRINKS are not allowed inside the laboratory during class hours. 5. Leave working place in proper order after use and before leaving the class. 6. No one is allowed to enter the room except for students enrolled in the class.

Class Rules:

1. Lecture and laboratory will start promptly 10 minutes from the required time to give students time to prepare for their materials. 2. Attendance will be checked twice during the rest of the period ABSENCES: As per CHED regulation, a student having 3 absences will automatically get a grade of 5.00. It should be noted that three (3) late means an equivalent of 1 absence.

“Make Up Class” is allowed for student who are absent provided he/she will present valid excuse letter (signed by parent/or guardian) and valid medical certificate (for those who were sick).

3. Follow standard procedures and requirements for all laboratory activities. 4. GAME GADGETS are not allowed inside the laboratory during class hours otherwise it will be confiscated and shall be returned after class. 5. Turn mobile phones in silent mode while inside the classroom. 6. All final requirements, projects, portfolio, shall be collected and submitted 1 week before finals week. Late submittals will be given a 10 point deduction for every day of delay.

Rules and Regulations:

Any Violations of the following rules and regulations is sufficient cause to CANCEL the plate concerned. Cancelled plates can be repeated, but NO EXTENSIONS on the specified submission date can be given.

a. All plates shall be done on the drawing board.
b. The drawing paper must be signed by the instructor before the drawing is started.

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