Jollibee Analysis

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Motivation, Leadership Pages: 18 (4567 words) Published: February 14, 2012
The Two Leaders’ Strategy of Managing the Operation


The case study of this paper highlighted between long-serving independent manager and newly-appointed manager (a kin of the company owner) with both having different motivation techniques and its leadership styles and powers. The role of two key leaders makes difference of the theories being used in motivation and leadership theories. The motivation theories being used in this case study will focus based on two different categories of motivation (Robbins, 2009) - the content theory and process theory. Among the four leadership approaches (trait-spotting, style-counselling, contingency and new leadership), the paper will discuss trait-spotting approach applied in company (Kottler, 2001). Names are withheld in this paper for confidentiality reasons. References will be made to their term served in the company instead, namely, the long-serving independent manager and the newly-appointed manager. And the company name will be called “The Group”.

The Organization Background
The Group was incorporated in Singapore on 10 March 2005 being one of the healthcare and medical field specialized. With the fast-growing innovation, it has been public-shares listed on the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited in July 2009. Over the years, the group had launched thirteen (13) operating subsidiaries locally and three (3) eye care branches overseas. And they are continuing to promote more healthcare branches locally. Indeed, its mission is to build new and existing provision of healthcare services to the public through excellent clinical practices and innovation. The main objective of the Group is to ensure good quality of services and provide competitive strategy concerning difficulty in eye sight, physical appearance matter, body and health condition, lifestyle, and serious sicknesses. And its internal objective (means from top management down to subordinates) is to keep staff by providing their needs (through implementing rewards and benefits), a proper leadership style etc. Hence, the management categorized the services to four clusters. These are the following:

1. Eye Cluster-consists of four clinics
2. Sports Cluster-member of two clinics
3. Aesthetics Cluster-contain three clinics
4. Critical Illness Cluster-four clinics operated

From the increasing group’s clusters throughout the year, the number of staffs, therefore also increases. Top management ensure of practicing and implementing human resource management to be able to promote development and effective behavioural management. And, in order to do so, motivating individuals is crucial in fulfilling its mission and vision. Different changes take place if the number of staff continues to increase, culture, organizational structure, communication and decision-making play a part in leadership and motivation approaches. According to Buchanan and Huczynski (2010, 155), behavioural management is “a technique for changing one’s own behaviour by systematically manipulating cues, cognitive processes and contingent consequences”. It was developed by Fred Luthans and Tim Davis (1979) which helps to modify the behaviours of others ethical questions.

The group keep its employees as their great assets by promoting and developing 2 E’s from top management down to subordinates and through rank-and file. These are to assess of being effectiveness and efficiency in the organization. “Efficiency measures how well the effective capacity is used” (Waters, 1999, 162). Both managers, the long-serving independent and newly-appointed, execute this behaviour to measure performance in leading the group. The two leaders represent the major forms found in the world today.

The Group Scenario
However, in mid of 2009, the group had been searching for a manager position to lead the entire operation as the long-serving independent manager resigned. She had then need to serve...
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