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The Total Essays of Thomas Voxfire
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Aleister Crowley – Father of the Aeon What makes “bad words” bad? Can we share this beautiful planet? Common mind Concerning ownership Controlling migraines with Yoga Coping with boredom Death (unfinished) Thoughts on Democracy Dominion Eight limbs of Yoga Golden Man Have I been here before? Kundalini Law of karma Passage of Aeons Peer Pressure Raising and educating kids (notes) Something from nothing The Case for Sun Worship The I Ching and Astrology Why gangs? Why we have nuclear weapons Window on the world

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Father of the New Age by Thomas Voxfire "Lift up thyself! for there is none like unto thee among men or among Gods! Lift up thyself, o my prophet, thy stature shall surpass the stars. They shall worship thy name, foursquare, mystic, wonderful..." Liber Al vel Legis, Chapter II, verse 78 (The God Hadit describing Aleister Crowley) In April of 1904, an Englishman named Edward Alexander (Aleister) Crowley entered a room in a Cairo hotel and was dictated a book by a praeterhuman intelligence who called himself Aiwass. This book, simply titled THE BOOK OF THE LAW, laid down a new law and ordained a new age for mankind. This new law was the law of Thelema (ΘΗΛΕΜΑ - the Greek word for will) and stated that Man and Woman are to find and live by their own divine nature. This finding of one's own divinity is to be accomplished by utilizing the dual systems of attainment of Eastern yoga and Western ceremonial magick. This "New Age", technically titled the Aeon of Horus, placed the Hawk-Headed Sun God of Ancient Egypt on the throne of the earth to replace the old God, Osiris. The formula of Osiris, the Egyptian God of the Dead, is Love, Death & Resurrection: the way of the dying and resurrected god of which Jesus of Nazareth is an excellent example. The formula of Horus (or Ra-Hoor-Khuit, as He calls himself) is to transcend the dark and dreadful pall & thrall of the Grim Reaper: To leap past the illusion of death and the dread hereafter and enter into the Kingdom of the Eternally Shining Sun. It is well to note also that Horus is also the God of War and is known as the Crowned and Conquering Child. Aleister Crowley explains that from time immemorial, the earth has been ruled by a cyclical succession of forces described by the Ancient Egyptians as Isis, Osiris, Horus and Harpocrates, each having its own Aeon, which revolve in a never-ending cycle. The Aeon of Isis, the Mother Goddess, was that of polytheistic nature worship; Mother Earth and what is generally called the Old Way Religion. Rome, Greece, Native American Indians are examples of Isis cultures. Next came Osiris, as described above. Islam, Christianity and Buddhism are examples of Osirian cultures. What you observe today in the turmoil of the world around you is the result of the transition from Osiris to Horus. Witness the dawn of Christianity and of Islam from history: these transitions have never been easy. If all of this sounds a little strange to you, don't feel alone! When this writer first came into contact with this information, some 25 years ago, he was in exactly the same boat. He was raised in Christian Science and knew next to nothing about any other religions until he took a course in comparative religion in college. Here he was exposed to Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Taoism and so on. Several years later he came into contact with THE BOOK OF THE LAW through the writings of Aleister Crowley.

4 At first, he was extremely skeptical, mainly because he had no previous knowledge of what Crowley was talking about. The idea of accepting as real gods, angels, demons was not easy to take. That there was an etheric brotherhood that watched over the progress of mankind was certainly a comforting idea, but just exactly where did they live and work? He knew about men who were great bringers of...
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