Johnnie Walker Survey Questions

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Chivas Real and Jack Daniels

Johnnie Walker Survey Questions

1.Consumer and habits

1. Do you consume whiskey? Y/N
2. How often do you consume whiskey?
a. Everyday
b. 2 -3 times / week
c. Once / week
d. Once / month
e. Once / year
3. What is your preferred form of consumption?
f. Shot
g. Pure
h. On the rocks
i. mixed beverage
j. Other

5 What factors do you take in consideration when purchasing a whisky?

4. How would you rate the following brands of whisky?
k. Chivas Real
l. Johnny Walker
m. J&B
n. Jack Daniels
o. xxxx

5. Do you consider yourself a knowledgeable person in alcoholic beverages and specifically in whisky? Y/N

6. Where do you consume whiskey?
p. At home
q. At a party/celebration
r. At a bar/club
s. At a restaurant
t. At a work event

7. Who do you normally consume whiskey with?
u. By myself
v. With friends
w. With co-workers
x. With clients
y. With family
z. With unknown

8. When do you normally consume whiskey
{. No special occasion
|. Celebrations
}. Party
~. Work related events
. Other

9. What factors do you take in consideration when buying a whisky �. Price
�. Number of years
�. Brand
�. Origin
�. Taste

10. Why do you consume whiskey?
�. To relax
�. Because it tastes good
�. Because it gives me status
�. Because it is expensive
�. To get in a good mood
�. To experience
�. Other (specify):

11. What is the right price for 1L of whiskey?
�. $15 - $30
�. $30 - $35
�. $35 - $50
�. $65

12. What would you do if the price of whiskey increases by 5%? �. Stop buying whiskey
�. Reduce frequency of consumption
�. Find a cheaper brand
�. Find a substitute alcohol
�. Aaaaaaaaaa

2 Product, positioning

13. Who do you think is the consumer of Johnny walker?
a. Everyone
b. Business people
c. Cool guys
d. Older people
e. xxxx

14. What does the brand Johnny Walker reminds or inspires you? f. Party
g. Business people
h. Good moments
i. Relaxation
j. History

3 Competition

15. What other products will you drink instead of whiskey? �. Beer
�. Vodka
�. Wine
�. Xxxx
�. Aaaa
�. bbbbb

Finally Demographic Questions

2. Gender? F/M
3. What is your occupation?
k. Grad student
l. Part time worker
m. Business person
n. Employee
o. Ssssss

4. What is your age range?
p. 21- 25
q. 26-30
r. 31-35
s. 35-40
t. >40

5. What is your income range?
u. <20000
v. 30,000-50,000
w. 75,000


Do you know the difference between the different types of whiskey: Irish Whiskey, Single Malt Scotch Whiskey, Blended Scotch Whiskey, Bourbon Whiskey, etc.? Y/N

If so, what is your favorite type of whiskey?

When purchasing whiskey, rank the following attributes by their importance in your purchasing decision: Price, Taste, Alcohol Content, Country of Origin, Design of Bottle

Rank the following whiskey brands by prestige, 1 being the most prestigious and 7 being the least prestigious (if unfamiliar, remove from your list): Dewars, Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Johnnie Walker, Chivas Regal, Wild Turkey, Maker’s Mark.

Rank the following whiskey brands by taste, 1 being the best tasting and 7 being the worst tasting (if unfamiliar or indifferent, remove from your list): Dewars, Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Johnnie Walker, Chivas Regal, Wild Turkey, Maker’s Mark.

Rank the following whiskey brands by your perceived price, 1 being the most expensive and 7 being the...
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