John F Kennedy

Topics: John F. Kennedy, Cuban Missile Crisis, Cold War Pages: 5 (1908 words) Published: March 28, 2013
Jennifer Mac-Lean
Mr. Jones
22 October 2012

"And so, my fellow americans: ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country. My fellow citizens of the world: ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man" said by the thirty fifth democratic president John F Kennedy. John F Kennedy was a man with charismatic and a charming personality. Although he had charm and was the youngest man elected president he was also the youngest to die. He was also the first Roman Catholic to become president. Even though he was not president for very long he changed the United States in many ways. During his short time, from January 20th 1961 till November 22 1963, as president he touched many people and made many positive accomplishments to the United States. Even during his inaugural address John F Kennedy delivered a speech that resounded all over the American states, only in hours of becoming president. John F Kennedy called for a country united by common desire to fight and eliminate its enemies, terror, poverty, disease, and war itself. John F Kennedy had goals and promises to the United States that he fought to keep. One of his most significant contributions to the people of the United States was his effort to finally end racial discrimination among white and black people. The barrier that segregated these two groups of people disappeared with Kennedy. Kennedy put dedication into protecting civil rights and creating equality among the people of the United States The issues involving racial segregation in public schools were properly addressed and resolved. John F Kennedy fought for civil rights. He influenced members of any race to have an equal opportunity. His fight against racial discrimination led to the release of Martin Luther King, Jr. from jail and in return, more black people gave their support to Kennedy’s administration. The Kennedy administration addressed civil rights violence by sending troops to both the University of Mississippi and the University of Alabama to restore order and desegregate the schools. Although he was criticized by many people of Southern United States he fought for what he believed in. In return, for doing what he believed, he lessened racial segregation for United States citizens. Not only did he win a battle of racial segregation he had a goal to have fewer issues with foreign relations surrounding the United States. His view on a world of diversity received high praises in the third world. His diplomatic approach to other nations drew attention of many people. He was adored for it because people felt it was not seen by many presidents before him. One of the priorities of the Kennedy administration was to settle disputes among foreign lands by resolving issues of war and bringing peace. He was very considerate in strengthening foreign policies. He worked hard on developing a foreign policy, without depending on another person. Kennedy performed all the duties by himself to make sure everything he intended to do would not be influenced. He also succeeded in creating the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 which was to overhaul the American immigration policy. This program was created as an extension of civil rights policies and to destroy discrimination of immigrants based on their home country. This accomplishment shows that he did not only want to improve the United States but the people and places surrounding it. He was not a selfish man, but cared about the good of the majority of the people. Besides making peace with foreign relations he also focused on improving economic stability. Even though the start of his presidency Kennedy saw a crisis over the budget. Kennedy was able to lead a significant change in terms of economic growth. Before Kennedy became president the nation was suffering from a recession, but Kennedy insisted that there is hope in recovery through sacrifice to enjoy economic expansion. Due...
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