John Wayne Gacy: Serial Killer

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John Wayne Gacy: Serial Killer
Violeta Carbajal
Investigations CJ 200
Mrs. D Boykin
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John Wayne Gacy: The Killer Clown
There are many different types of crime and illegal activities that require the services of law enforcers to investigate. Some cases are easy to solve but many cases require months to even years in order to find the culprit that committed the crime. In cases of serial killers, many of those cases take years for investigator to solve due to the amount of data and criminal patterns they have to discover in order to even establish the culprit as a serial killer. In the cases of John Wayne Gacy, as known as the Clown Killer, it took the authorities a little over seven years to discover that he was a dangerous serial killer. According to his neighbors and people within the town of Des Plaines, Illinios, Gacy was a good man, and great entertainer. He would conducted several cookout and parties at his home, even dressing up as a clown to entertain the children guest that attended his parties with their parents. Little did the town know that John Wayne Gacy was holding a horrible secret in the crawl space of his home. The Crime

On December 11, 1978, Robert Piest, a 15-year-old boy who worked at the Nisson Pharmacy in Des Plaines became missing (People v. Gacy, 1984). Piest mother had driven to the pharmacy to pick him up after work. As she was waiting for him to get off of work, Priest told his mother that he was going outside to speak with a building contractor about a summer job and would be back in a few minutes. Piest was never seen or heard from again. Witness statement revealed that the last person to be seen with Priest was John Wayne Gacy. That statement alone, lead investigator Detective Lt. Joseph Kozenczak of the Des Plaines Police Department to further look into the life of John Wayne Gacy where he made his startling discovery Detective Lt. Kozenczak received information on December 11, 1978 concerning the missing persons case report on Robert J. Piest. During the course of his investigation it was discovered that Piest was last seen at 1920 Touhy Ave. in Des Plaines in Nisson Drugs where he works by Kim Byers a fellow employee. Byers stated that Piest approached her and said, `Come watch the register; that contractor guy wants to talk to me, I'll be right back.' At which time Piest went outside of the store to meet with John Wayne Gacy (People v. Gacy, 1984). Lt.Kozenczak further researched that Gacy was arrested and convicted in Waterloo, Iowa in 1968 for Sodomy and conspiracy assault with attempt to commit a felony arrest that involved 16 year old young men and sentenced to 10 yrs. in prison (People v. Gacy, 1984). This furthered Lt. Kozenczak suspicion of Gacy in connection with the missing person case on Piest. The Investigation

There was several evidence found that lead authorities to believe that Gacy was behind the disappearance of Piest, prior to finding the bodies within his him. This evidence allowed Des Plaines Police to obtain a search Warrant to find more proof of this theory. Inspector Kautz was in charge of taking inventory of any recovered evidence that might be found at the house as well as Dr. Robert Stein, Cook County Medical Examiner, was called in to help with the investigation of Gacy’s home (Bells & Bardsley, 2011). During the search three automobiles belonging to Gacy were confiscated, including a 1978 Chevrolet pickup truck with snow plow attached that had the name "PDM Contractors" written on its side, a 1979 Oldsmobile Delta 88 and a van with "PDM Contractors" also written on its side. Within the trunk of the car were pieces of hair that were later matched to Rob Piest’s hair (Bell & Bardsley, 2011). While investigating and searching Gacy’s home, the police entered the crawl space located beneath the home. The first thing that struck investigators was a rancid odor that they believed to be sewage. The earth in the crawl space was...
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