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The Importance of youth Sports

Youth sports give children a huge advantage in their future and throughout their childhood. There are some people that say youth sports are dangerous and a waste of time. Most people see the bad in sports, for example the injuries, or time it takes out of a child’s life, and not the good or behind the scenes. Sports offer more than just physical activity and something to do. “Children who do not develop that passion for a sport or activity at an earlier age may sue participation in a sport as a tool of rebellion in their teenage years” (Phillips). Even both of those things are good too. Sports keep children out of trouble and away from obesity. Playing sports gives a child a better future and can help them with their education. Sports give youth a lot of qualities needed in the outside world. Youth sports benefit children in all aspects of life including, grades, social life, fitness, ect.

“Children get most of their physical activity form participation in team sports.” (Bloom) Sports improve flexibility, agility, balance, and strength used in everyday life. “One out of three kids ages 6-19 are overweight or obese.” (Perry). Without sports this number would increase, and hopefully with a greater increase in youth participation in sports this number with decrease. There is television show now days about obesity and how America is the fattest country in the world. It is time to change the way other countries look at America. Sports will not just improve on your health as a youth it will carry on into your future. “The American Academy of Pediatrics notes that when kids are involved in regular physical activity their risk of diabetes, heart disease and obesity decreases. With obesity reaching epidemic levels in children, researchers have found that kids involved in sports not only benefit the development of coordination, balance and agility: but they also tend to be more nutrition-conscious in their food choices” (Horsey). Physical activity in sports and in school promotes physical activity outside of school.

Students who participate in sports do better in school. Students who participate in youth sports do 25-35 percent better in school than non athletes. Students not only do better in school they also do better in their future. “High school athletes make 12 to 31 percent higher pay than non athletes” (Ganz page 23). Even if you take two students with the same I.Q. one that plays sports and one that does not, the one that does usually does better. “Organized sports help kids who are struggling in school or facing problem at home feel more normal and connected to their peers, and this is a key factor whether or not a teen attends college.” (Travis) Sports help youth get into college and get better grades. Youth learn effort gets you success and they apply that to school. In schools there is an eligibility list. Student athletes have to meet the academic standards to play in a sport. Kids that do not play sports don’t have to worry about keeping their grades like the youth that are in sports. It is embarrassing to be ineligible so kids try harder. Kids also care about the sport so when they don’t get to play they really work on getting their grades up.

Sports require a lot of time and effort and qualities that people will need to succeed in the future. Like in sports there is competition in the outside world. People compete to get jobs and earn promotions. “Americans learn on the ball field or in the gym that effort and success are connected.” (Ganz page 28.) “Sports teach youth how to take responsibility and make decisions for themselves. Sports can add stress to a child’s life, but through sports kids learn how to deal with competition, handle difficult situation, understand winning and losing, solve problems and develop discipline and patience.” (Horsey). Although stress can be hard to deal with as a child, it is a good thing to learn how to handle,...
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