John Milton Paradise Lost

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  • Published : December 3, 2012
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Satan in the Path of the Hero

In this paper Satan in Paradise Lost will be put to the test of the path of the hero. People may think Satan would not be considered a hero but does the hero have to be good to be a good character? Even though Satan is evil he follows he Path of the Hero extremely well. Satan is a hero to the rebel angels in the story he is their leader and is considered their hero. Satan in the book became angry when God gave a position to his son when Satan felt that he deserved the position more. His rage makes him turn against God and rebel against him with an army of rebel angels that follow Satan. The angels and the rebel angels have a large battle and try multiple times to defeat God’s army but do not succeed. Satan turns his evil onto God’s new creations Adam and Eve and that is where Satan’s path starts.

According to the Path of the Hero the hero has to be born from unusual parents. In this case the story does not tell if Satan has parents and if he does who they are. In a way you could say God was his father because he was the creator of everything therefore created all of the angels as well. This in turn would make Satan have only one parent which is God because he is Satan’s creator.

We could also see Satan as God’s evil twin who wants to take over Heaven. This would be known as a brother battle, in the path of the hero the brother battle would be over a women, inheritance, or leadership over the land. Satan was wanted to inherit the position that Jesus received and became angry for it which is the main reason why Satan and God their battle in the first place. Before the battle Satan wanted to do more than just take the position he wanted to take over Heaven. This could be considered leadership over land in the path of the hero because Heaven is what Satan truly wants before the battle begins.

When Satan lost the battle he and the other devils were cast into Hell into the lake of fire. They constructed a huge...
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