John Dillinger Bio

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  • Published : January 16, 2013
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John Dillinger BIO
The names Dillinger, John Dillinger. I got one motto and one motto only, “Never trust a woman or an automatic weapon”. I was born in 1903 in Indianapolis. My mother died when I was only three years old and my dad remarried six years later when I was nine years old. I remember it like was yesterday when me and my buddy robbed a grocer back in 1924 for about $555. Thing is, we were caught by the police shortly after and I had to stand trial without my father or a lawyer. I thought pleading guilty would help me out but I was sentenced the max sentence of 10 to 20 years. My buddy pleaded innocent and got less than two years in the pen, I was pissed. While in jail I met up with Harry Pierpont and Homer Van Meter. Pierpont had been convicted of bank robbery and Van Meter was caught robbing passengers on a train. What a perfect trio for what I had planned, I was going to escape. I was paroled on May 22, 1933, after nine years in the pen and went right to work. The jailbreak was already set up when I managed to get myself arrested just 4 days before Pierpont and the others actually made it out. Good thing we had become pretty close buds in jail so they didn’t forget me. I was being held at the prison in Lima Ohio when Pierpont and the others arrived one day pretending to be Marshals sent to transfer me to a different prison. When the Sheriff got suspicious and demanded to see their identification, they opened fire, mortally wounding him. They left the Sheriff there to die, freed me, and together we made our escape. When we got out we formed a gang named “The Dillinger Gang”. We robbed banks all over the Midwest, stole guns, ammunition, and bullet-proof vests from police departments. On January 25, 1934 I was captured in Tucson, along with a couple of my partners and transported to jail in Crown Point, Indiana to await trial for killing a police officer who got in my way. Of course I escaped and on my way out I stole the warden’s car and...
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