John Dillinger

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  • Published : August 20, 2009
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Header: Robin Hood “John Dillinger Jr.
Tiffany Lynn Warner
Notorious Bank Robber and Gangster
Shane Williamson
University of Phoenix
John Herbert Dillinger was born in June 22, 1903 in Indianapolis in Indiana. His parents Mollie and John owner a little grocery store; Johns mother died when he was an infant this could have caused a lot of anger as a child. John’s father did not have rules or follow through with his punishment; he lacked discipline. His father John Senior would use corporal punishment on him and then later flood him with sweets and candy. Audrey, Dillinger’s sister took care of him in his early years until his father remarried. “Spare the rod, Spoil the child” was Dillinger’s father’s motto. When John’s father remarried in 1912 Dillinger became very jealous and hated his stepmother, but reportedly he later on became to love her. Dillinger quit school when he was 16 years old because he was bored and wanted to make money (John Dillinger Biography). Throughout Dillinger’s years in school he was a bully, he picked on all the smaller children. He was known to pick fights in school. John was affiliated with the “Dirty Dozen gang”. John Dillinger was also known for being in trouble with the law; he was a petty thief in the beginning and in the end he was known as a notorious bank robber. John Dillinger and his friend robbed their first grocery store and stole 120 dollars; he was spotted by a local reverend which reported them to the police. John’s first sentence was 10 to 20 years; he only server 8 and a half years after his dad had a petition and got 188 signatures. I believe that since his father was so harsh that John Dillinger’s psychological hereditary was affected causing him to lash out rather than behave; his father believed that his punishment would affect his behavior ina good way but it did the opposite. His father’s scolding and discipline had a negative effect; which caused and emotional aspect on his psychological...
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