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Topics: Modern art, Exxon Valdez oil spill, Art Pages: 3 (992 words) Published: August 2, 2012
John Davis (16 September, 1936 – 17 October, 1999) was an Australian sculptor, renowned and celebrated as the pioneer of Environmental art, and as an Australian player in the modern art movement: Arte Povera. Arte Povera was an Italian artistic movement introduced in the 1960’s, a time of civil unrest, in which artists took to political radicalism, attacking the morale and value of the government and major industries, challenging whether art, as an expression of emotion and thought, could still fit and exist in our modern world. Davis also pioneered Environmental Art, similar to the Arte Povera, it attacked the environmental conditions, and how we, as humans have impacted upon our natural world. His works were constructed using light and fragile equipment, to give emphasis and highlight the fragility of nature. Description

1989. 55cm x 145cm x 30cm.
The Spotted Fish is constructed from twigs, cotton thread, calico and bituminous paint. The Spotted Fish is basically a large black fish, coated in a black bituminous paint, with dots of white. The sculpture looks light, and flimsy (which may have been done on purpose, to further demonstrate natures delicacy). The actual body of the fish, looks slightly mutated, with both eyes on one side of the head, and the fins looking like they are about to float away. The blackness of the fish makes it look like it has been burnt and abandoned, with what could be a skeleton showing through. The loss of life is added by the eyes, which also look dead and solid. When one looks down at the Spotted Fish, you can almost feel the delicacy and craftsmanship which went into it. We can also see how he has used everyday objects to construct the Spotted Fish. Material Practice

John Davis has used everyday objects to create the Spotted Fish. Using objects such as twigs, calico and cotton to convey his ideas. The delicate twigs show the delicacy of nature; however it can also show how we humans have hurt nature with our...
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