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Topics: Mathematics in medieval Islam, Elementary arithmetic, Fraction Pages: 26 (7709 words) Published: January 6, 2013
There cannot be any meaningful development in virtually any life without knowledge in mathematics. Mathematics is one of the essential subjects in all aspects of life. It is the basis or the foundation for almost all careers. For instance, a doctor, an accountant, a teacher and an engineer etc. requires mathematical knowledge in their daily work. According to Asafo Adjei (1990), learning mathematics is a means of developing logical and quantitative thinking abilities in other subject areas like the sciences and social studies. Looking at our educational system today, the subject is a pre-requisite for entering the secondary and tertiary institution. This implies that without a sound foundation or basis in mathematics, one cannot gain admission into any secondary or tertiary institution. Presently, mathematics has become one of the subjects where pupils in Ghana perform poorly at all levels of education. As a result it has become a major concern to the ministry of education, school authorities, classroom teachers and parents. These stakeholders in education have to find lasting solutions to eradicate the issue at stake in order to help our future leaders in the areas of mathematics. In our localities where buying and selling are engaged by most of the people, rendering of services, there is the need to have knowledge in mathematics both males and females in order to assist in their daily activities. The knoweledge gain in mathematics can be applied to different fields to solve a lot of problems in a variety of situations, ie transfer of learning. The researcher conducted his research at Bunso Municipal Assembly primary school which is located at Bunso in the East–Akim Municipality in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Bunso is situated along the Accra-Kumasi Highway situated 273 kilometers south-east (147) of the approximate centre of Ghana (Kintampo) and 66 kilometers north–east (311) of the capital, Accra. Bunso has an approximate population of 2500 with different occupations such as teaching, carpentry, farming, nursing, driving with which farming is the major or dominant occupation in the town. The people grow crops of all kinds for export such as oranges, maize, cocoa and vegetables. This has made them always interested in farming since they earn a lot of money than to go to the classroom because they have already known money. Some engage their wards in trading rather than sending them to school despite the capitation grant and free uniforms and meals given to them. Since the people do not value education, it has affected them really in their daily life. Their low background in education and for that matter mathematics, transfer of knowledge in their daily life’s is limited. Examples, most of them consume all what they have gained without any money to save because of the poor background in education. Pupil’s attitudes and behaviours during mathematics lesson delivery make it difficult for them to learn and understand the subject because of the pre-conceived minds of the people in the society.

During the first and second weeks of teaching, the researcher realized that the pupils had a major problem in the principles and concepts of addition of proper fractions. Pupils were performing this operation by adding the numerators together and adding also the denominators together The researcher being confronted by this problem tries to put certain valuable informations together and make vital suggestions to help solve this problem

The purpose of the research includes
1. To explore causes of pupils of Bunso M/A primary six inability to add proper fractions. 2. To identify the appropriate teaching and learning materials that can be used to improve pupils of Bunso M/A primary six ability to perform addition of proper fractions. 3. To identify the appropriate methods and activities pupils will be taken through to perform addition...
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