What Would Happen If Maths Is Removed?

Topics: Thought, Mathematics, Logic Pages: 1 (278 words) Published: October 27, 2012
Mathematics is eyes,ears,heart,lungs and above all the basic developing tonic of any human civilization.Maths develops,Maths reforms and Maths benefits. If maths is removed then there will be no rational thinking.The logic will lose its sense and in the absence of all these vital components there will be no new inventions in the realm of science and business and all of a sudden there will be no difference human and animals.Without maths the whole world will go mad and economy will be badly affected.If there is no maths,we cannot do anything in our life.Maths is the only thing which developes our mind and which teaches to reach our goal.Maths teaches us to utilize our resourses with lesser and lesser wastage of efforts.Its maths which allows human mind to plan the concept of development.Today man has reached on the moon and even it is planning to look beyond the sun,do you think it would have been possible without the knowledge of 1 + 1 =2.All mathematical concepts are real life experiments.The peano postulates,the density theorem,the Pythagoras theorem,components of trigonometry all plays vital part in modern era engeering.The whole progress of humanity will reduce to ashes if maths is removed some how.

Conclusion-Maths plays a very important role in our daily life so with out maths even it is impossible to think about life.Life is not possible without maths.Maths promotes logical thinking which inturns developes ones mind and mindset which is the key component for basic human development.If there is no maths then there will be no life
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