Joe - Reaction Paper

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  • Published : March 6, 2013
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Title: Joe

I really enjoyed the play that I saw last sunday because of three reasons. Because it was historical, modern classic and musical

The play was a combination of contemporary and classical styles. I think the director intended to do that in order to make the play more interesting, since the majority of the audience was young. The play was quite interesting for the youth because there were rock songs as well as classical songs, these were appropriate to those people who prefered both modern and classical music. It made the audience appreciate more what they have seen. I think the play would be boring for the young audience if it were all classical songs.

The play was historical and it is one of the ulitamate reasons why I enjoyed and appreciated the play. I am one of the good students in our history class and I almost memorized the facts that happened in the past. We all know that Jose Rizal was a defender of the oppressed people. Rizal did not want to attack the catholic church that was ran by the abusive and ruthless dominican friars. Like waht some characters in the play portrayed and they also portrayed that Josephine was raped by her stepfather; but it was just a rumor that was never proven. Inspite of that, we unbelievable scene, I still liked it because at last they showed they actual facts that happened in the past.

Music is one of the fascinating aspects of the play. Those professional singers who performed various music impressed me. There were many in audience who liked the music but I don't know if the music is appropriate to their abilities. The singers sang classical songs as well as contemporary ones that made the old and young people appreciate the performance.
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