Descirbe What the Piece Was About Including the Style, Performance Space, Period and Genre. State What Theatrical Skill You Contributed to It. (10 Marks)

Topics: Marilyn Monroe, Performance, Playboy Pages: 4 (1582 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Descirbe what the piece was about including the style, performance space, period and genre. State what theatrical skill you contributed to it. (10 marks) My theatrical conrtibution was as an actor.

What Was The Play Called?
My piece of Devised worked was called, The Rise And Fall Of Marilyn Monroe. Was It Devised Or Scripted?
The peformance was devised.
What style/s did you perform in?
Our peformance was in a naturalistic style with some abstract ideas included. Why did you choose to perform in this style?
We chose to perform in this style, mainy because some of the ideas we used to influence our work were real occuring events. Thefore, to show this to our audience we thought it would be best to portray them as naturally as possible. However, We did use abstract devises such as flashbacks and Thought tracking to give the audience a larger understanding of Marilyns emotions and feelings, hoping it would make it easier to evoke an emotional response in them. As well as this, we wanted to show an natural interpretation of sensitive topics, for example miscarriges, from an honest perspective. What was it about?

Our piece was about Marilyn Monroes rise to fame, and how it changed her as a person. It begins with her two friends discovering her dead, alone and cold, in her apartment, before promptly leaving her there to capture the fame they felt they were entitled to. Then, performed in an abstract style, was Marilyns childhood memories, where we meet her evil mother who gave her up as a baby and her new adoptive mother who cares for Marilyn, or Norma Jean, as she was then known. We are also introduced to her husband, who claims he wants a divorce. After debating with her conscience, she decides to go to a photoshoot where she meets two out-going, but essentially 'fake' girls who show immediate resentment towards her. During the photoshoot she is spotted by a keen beauty photographer, Andre Bernard. He temps Norma with fame and fortune, but insists she has a...
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