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Reality Check: The most apt analogy could be a Relay Race. In a Relay Race the baton is constantly handed over amongst the team. Job Sharing -- a 2 member Relay. Studies show that employees who equally value their work and family contribution are among their most committed and productive employees. Also, for executive women who want to maintain acceleration in their career, but also want to spend more time with their family, job sharing programs offer a unique opportunity for companies and the women they are better able recruit and retain.

What is JOB SHARING? Job sharing is an employment arrangement where typically two people are retained on a part-time or reduced-time basis to perform a job normally fulfilled by one person working full-time. Compensation is apportioned between the workers, thus leading to a net reduction in per-employee income.

What it is NOT? Job sharing should not be considered as two people doing a part-time job.

Myths. "It sounds great but it would never work for me." This is the initial reaction many people have when they hear about job sharing. However, upon further exploration,

Submitted By:- Bhavna Moryani, Kritika Khanna, Rinie Kishnani, Vedant Paliwal

this could be an option that would overall increase work life balance, loyalty to the employer and job satisfaction. Job sharing suggests one job description, one job, and really one identity created by two people. Because the two perform one job, their identity often morphs into one identity.

Meet Job-Sharing Pairs

1PaigeDonna: Paige Bayer and Donna Hokama, analysts at HP who are on the team responsible for HP's carbon footprint calculator now in their 3rd year of a job share 2Meghanna: Meghan Gosk and Anna Millar, Senior Associate Director, MBA Program,Kenan Flagler Business School University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill in their 7th year of a job share.

One Team
Reality Check: One job sharing team shared that during phone calls with clients, the client often did not know which of the two was on the receiving end of the call. And the job sharers regard this as a mark of success.

One Personality

One Job

Submitted By:- Bhavna Moryani, Kritika Khanna, Rinie Kishnani, Vedant Paliwal

Reasons for job sharing:
The Employee Side:

Work Life Balance: Job sharing may be a way to take back more control of their personal lives. Employees who job share frequently attribute their decision to "quality of life" issues.

Better to Share rather than coming to a Halt: For those parents who would not like there career coming to a halt. (It is also preferred by students (If Work permits)).

The Employer Side:

An Alternative to Layoffs for Tough Times: Work sharing also allows employers to avoid layoffs and potentially, the loss of critical employees.

Unemployment Insurance (UI) program: This allows an employer to reduce the number of hours an employee works during a week while unemployment compensation makes up some of the difference in income.

So, if a company is experiencing less demand for its products and consequently fewer sales and down revenue, it can submit a plan to UI requesting work sharing to cushion the reduced hours for its employees.

1Retaining :You gain two brains, two sets of enthusiasm and creativity, and two employees committed to your success. 2 Job Satisfaction : Employees who are comfortably balancing life responsibilities experience less stress and more work satisfaction. This pays you back in increased motivation, positive customer service and effective coworker relationships.

Submitted By:- Bhavna Moryani, Kritika Khanna, Rinie Kishnani, Vedant Paliwal

3Accountability : Successful job share partners are accountable to each other. This increases their accountability for accomplishments to the employer. They must plan, set...
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