Job Satisfaction

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CASE 2: Long hours, hundreds of emails and no sleep: does this sound like a satisfying job?

Characteristics of the 4 jobs were quite similar.
John Bishop: good stable job, irregular long hours (90 to 100- hour work week), no complaints, willing to take things to the extreme Irene Tse :good stable job, long hours (80 - hour work week), no complaints, willing to take things to the extreme and highly motivated Tony Kurz : good stable job, long irregular hours, constant travels, highly satisfied with job, prefers job more to personal relationships David Clark: good stable job, long irregular hours (60- hour work week), frequent travels, need to attend to many emails daily, serious lack of work-life balance, highly motivated

Questions & Answers:
Q 1: Do you think that only certain individuals are attracted to these types of job? or is it the characteristics of the jobs themselves that are satisfying? The jobs seem extreme in nature with exceptional long and irregular hours of more than the normal 40- hour work week, constant travels and serious lack of work-life balance. Only certain individuals would be attracted to these jobs. These individuals are willing to sacrifice family time for job sake. Looking at the extreme nature of the jobs they are far from satisfying any normal worker, even if compensation is considered, but the jobs would be satisfying to a special breed of people who find the jobs as challenging. The four individuals displayed high levels of job satisfaction, job involvement and organizational commitment that enable them to accept the hardships as a positive challenge. These individuals are positive people because negative people are usually not satisfied with their jobs, more so if the jobs are as stressful as mentioned in the case. These individuals also have positive core self-evaluation that contributed to their being more satisfied with their jobs even under extreme conditions. Pay was not the determinant...
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