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Literature Review

A literature review
• Provides an overview and a critical evaluation of a body of literature relating to a research topic or research problem.

• Analyzes a body of literature in order to classify it by themes or categories, rather than simply discussing individual works one after another.

• Presents the research and ideas of the field rather than each individual work or author by itself. A literature review often forms part of a larger research project, such as within a thesis (or major research paper), or it may be an independent written work, such as a synthesis paper.

Purpose of a literature review

A literature review situates your topic in relation to previous research and illuminates a spot for your research. It accomplishes several goals:
• provides background for your topic using previous research. • shows you are familiar with previous, relevant research. • evaluates the depth and breadth of the research in regards to your topic. • determines remaining questions or aspects of your topic in need of research.

Explain the relevance of material you use and cite.

It is important to show that you know what other authors have written on your topic. However, you should not simply restate what others have said; rather, explain what the information or quoted material means in relation to your literature review. • Is there a relevant connection between a specific quote or information and the corresponding argument or point you are making about the literature? What is it? • Why is it necessary to include this piece of information or quote?

Verbs which use in LR
We prefer Research Problem statements to have an outcomes based verb at or near the beginning. Some good outcome based verbs are:

Problem Statement

A problem statement is the description of an issue currently existing which needs to be addressed. It provides the context for the research study and generates the questions which the...
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