Psych/610 Research Methods in Psychology

Topics: Psychology, Research, Scientific method Pages: 4 (1224 words) Published: June 5, 2013
Research Studies Questions
Brenda L. Brandmier
PSY/CH 610
May 27, 2013
Matthew Will

Research Studies Questions
The purpose of the sections of a research article should start with a title, author, and contact information. The Abstract is next; this is a summary of the article. The summary provides an general idea of the article, which is helpful to establish if the article is significant to the reader’s investigation. An abstract will usually follow a regular format like APA or something that is similar. The author or authors in brief state why the research article is significant, the methodology, results, and concluding proclamation regarding the results. The Introduction would be how the authors explain the underlying principle for the study by illustrating what research has been completed in the past. A literature review supplies the reader with a outline of other research associated with the article topic, along with addressing questions that are unanswered or investigative need more research. Many questions are also introduced within the introduction, and hypotheses results are declared. Next are the Methods or methodology section. In this section the author or authors summarize how the research was performed. For example, sample, size, and a description of participants. This section will also show how participants were chosen for the study, what was measured and how, along with an explanation of how the data was evaluated. The next section consists of the results. The author or authors will show the research results along with any statistical analyses. Example can be tables, charts, and figures, along with a printed clarification. The Discussion section is the author or author’s explanation and understanding of the results in addition to an explanation of unforeseen results. Finally the conclusion and summary in many if not all articles will explain what the author or authors found and connect it back to the existing literature. Authors can...
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