Job Hunting

Topics: Unemployment, Great Depression, Minimum wage Pages: 2 (794 words) Published: November 18, 2012
“The United States economy seems to be at its lowest at the moment,” can be found headlining The Los Angeles Times. The unemployment rate has been at its highest since the Great Depression and statistics have shown that for over a year now the unemployment rate in the Inland Empire has been at 12 percent. As our society continues to stumble, America continues to decrease the number of job openings available. Because of this job hunting today is a very difficult process. To begin with due to a staggering economy there are fewer job openings available but more people trying to look for jobs. People all over the country are being laid off due to budget cuts. For example it is said that three hundred teachers are to be laid off this year all over San Bernardino Unified School District, Rialto Unified School District, and Riverside Unified School District. Teachers being laid off will cause a struggle for those on the hunt for a job because those who are currently looking for work will now be competing not only with the ones already on the hunt but also with three hundred others who have just been added to the statistics. For example a friend of mine, ten years ago was a business man working for a large corporation receiving great pay. Now my friend, the same one who was once a businessman can be found working at McDonalds as a cook, getting paid minimum wage because the corporation he worked for went bankrupt. He didn’t have any other options open for him and he had to settle with whatever it was that he could find at the time. The elderly have families to support at home and the young have their own bills to pay as well. Competition increases day by day and to be able to find a job just gets harder and harder. Furthermore, many people don’t have much education and with not much education the situation becomes harder on them to find a job. Education now plays a great role when applying for a job. In our society there are those people with AA degrees and/or BA...
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