Job Description of the School Counselor

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Job Description of the School Counselor
Reports To: Principal and/or Counseling Supervisor
Supervises: May coordinate and direct activities of counselor aides and clerical assistants Purpose: To help all students develop skills in the areas of personal/social growth, educational planning, HHand career and vocational development Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Major Function: Program Planning
The school counselor establishes the school counseling program and develops activities and resources to implement and evaluate the program. The school counselor involves other school staff in making decisions about the school counseling program. 2. Major Function: Counseling

The school counselor provides individual and group counseling services to meet the developmental, preventive, and remedial needs of students 3. Major Function: Consulting
The school counselor consults with students, parents, teachers, and other school and community personnel to assist in meeting the needs of students. 4. Major Function: Coordinating
The school counselor coordinates all counseling services for students and assists with the coordination and implementation of student services in the school. The counselor also assists teachers with the Guidance Curriculum. 5. Major Function: Student Appraisal

The school counselor accurately interprets test results and other student data. The counselor also assists teachers with the educational placement of students by using appropriate educational assessment strategies. 6. Major Function: Professional Practices and Development

The school counselor adheres to ethical standards of the counseling profession, and abides by the laws, policies, and procedures that govern the schools. The counselor also participates in professional associations and upgrades professional knowledge and skills when needed.

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