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Sadaf Khetab 11B

1. Define the following terms
Business cards: Business cards are an invaluable networking tool. They are compact, energy efficient and extremely effective. It promotes the personality of the related business through the use of verbal and non verbal imagery. It provides contact details and also other information for customers. * It tells people your name and that of your business

* It gives people a permanent and portable record of your contact details that they can usually access easily. * It allows for originality in design so that they stand out * It is a marketing tool that can be re used over and over again * It enables details of the business to be easily passed on to other potential customers Marketing tool: The techniques and materials used by those who are involved in the promotion of goods and services. Most business will make extensive of various marketing tools, such as market research and advertising to help further their business success.

2. List 3 types of information that would appear on a typical business card * Business name
* Business contact number
* A little about the business and what it offers

3. Business cards contain verbal, as well as non verbal imagery. Explain what non verbal imagery is and how it differs from verbal imagery.

Non verbal imagery is things that are not in written form, such as pictures. Verbal imagery is, words used on the business card in written form.

5. Provide and example of non verbal imagery that might appear on a business card. A picture of the business or the layout and design that has been used for the business card.

What is a calling card? When were these in use? Describe how a calling card was used. A calling card is used for international or out of state calls. A calling card can be used for meetings or when a business is out of state they could get in contact with them through a calling card.

1. List and describe 4 ways that a business...
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