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Salva was one of 5 children. His father was a successful cattle owner. Only him and his two brothers (Ariik and Ring) were able to go to school. His sisters (A kit and Agnath) weren’t able to go to school, they stayed home and learned from their mother how to keep house. This was the same as every girl in the village. There was a war that had now come to where Salva lived in southern Sudan.

Salva’s village was now captured by soldiers and ordered around by them. Salva’s village was ordered to make 2 groups, one group of men and one group of women and children. Salva thought that teenage boys were considered to be men so he went to the men’s group, but then got ordered to go to the women and children group. The soldiers took Salva away to a place. Salva then fell asleep and when he woke up he felt dizzy and saw that there was no one but himself in the place. The place was a barn.

Salva was looking around the barn and found someone else and saw that the person was the same tribe as him. The girl said to him “You must be hungry”. She stood and went into the house. A few moments later, she came out and gave him two handfuls of raw peanuts. Salva asked the women if he could stay with her until the fighting had stopped and then go and find his parents. The women was fine with it.

The women then took Salva to a place filled with Dinka people and Salva started to wonder if his family could be among these people. He scanned and scanned but he couldn’t find anyone from his family. A man said to the women that Salva would be no help to them and that they should leave him behind. The women then took the mans arm and the man said “I guess he could help us in some way”. Then Salva met a man called Buksa. Buksa and Salva walked around a place called Jur-chol. Buksa and Salva were both very hungry. Buksa found a beehive and used that for food for the night.

The beehive opened and stung Salva in the eye and his eye was swollen shut.

Salva stays with a guy named Uncle and this man protects him. Soon Uncle and Salva would have to cross the Nile River into a desert and then after the desert they would reach Ethiopia. Salva didn’t know how they were going to cross because he didn’t see any boats anywhere, so then him and Uncle started to build a boat out of anything that they could find.

They got to the middle of the Nile River and there was a village of fishermen. This is where they lived and fished. The villagers wouldn’t give anyone food except of Uncle, Salva thought that they gave him food because of his gun and that they were scared of him. The next morning they traveled to the other side of the Nile River and now they had another challenge ahead of them. It was the Akobo desert. Luckily the fishermen gave them food and water.

It would take them three days to cross the Aboko desert. Salva then stubbed his bare toe on a huge rock and began to cry. He then wasn’t able to breath or see, so he had to slow down. Uncle gave Salva a sour juicy fruit that made him feel better. The next day of the walk across the desert was just as bad as the first day. A women on the journey across the desert was going to give water men who were struggling, but this other man told her not to or else she would have enough for herself.

Salva thought to himself if he was older and stronger would he have given the people who were dying water or just let them die. It was now the third day and by sunset they would be out of the desert. Salva asked Uncle a question. The question was, that if he was in Ethiopia would his parents be able to find him and when would he be able to go back to Loun-Ariik. Uncle said that Loun-Ariik was attacked and burned, and that Salva’s family was probably dead. Then when they were walking they found something. A few stunted trees near a shallow pool of muddy...
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