Jfk, an Unfinished Life

Topics: John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Lyndon B. Johnson Pages: 2 (841 words) Published: March 18, 2011
JFK lived an extraordinary, however short and “unfinished life.” In Robert Dalek’s preface he contends that there have been countless biographies and documents, and articles on the 33rd president, so why should he add another one to the list? New research allowed him to dig deeper into the lives of the Kennedy’s and give a more whole story of the life of John F. Kennedy. Dalek thoroughly goes through Kennedy’s early years, giving extensive background on the lives of his grandparents and parents. Joe Kennedy, Jack’s father, proves to be a formidable figure throughout Jack’s life and Dalek provides the reasoning for his ambition in the first chapter of the book. Dalek discusses his school and college years, his extensive traveling, concern for international relations and the book he wrote all before he graduated college. Dalek also goes into the difficulties and hardships that Kennedy endured throughout his early years. The overshadowing and competition with his older brother Joe until his untimely death in WWII in an aircraft crash was one of the most difficult times of Jack’s life. His extreme illnesses throughout his life, ranging from Addison’s disease, Osteoporosis, and numerous other ailments that clouded his rise to political celebrity. Though obstacles plagued Jack’s early years, he was able to build up a resume, through hard work and a good name, that would help get him elected as a public servant in years to come.

Jack’s early days consisted of family time, school, and time in the navy. He was born into a wealthy family because of his father, Joe. His father was a very influential businessman, working on Wall Street and later becoming the head of the SEC. He eventually became a very influential man in politics as well. He was appointed by FDR to be the United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom. Jack’s life was set up for him to eventually become a politician as well. He was born into a upper-class family with pretty much any luxury...
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