Jetty Rats

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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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Jetty Rats, by Phillip Gwynne, is a novel that explores the qualities of friendship. The text positions the reader to believe that friendship is a very important aspect in everyday lives and that it will be very helpful, but there will also be a lot of complex situations along the way. Friendships can grow between people of different genders, but love will become a factor. Secondly, friendships may grow between people who have close similarities but also differences. Thirdly, friendships can grow between different age groups who may or may not have the same interests. Jetty Rats is a novel that celebrates the gift of friendship- including all of the complex situations that they go though in order to maintain a healthy relationship. Firstly, the text shows that friendships can grow between people of different genders, but love will become a factor and can be very complex. Hunter and Jasmine are an example of this. They are different genders that were really close friends until that night in the bus (chapter 27). Hunter thought they were going out, until the afternoon at McDonalds (chapter 38). Hunter was dropped by Storm and he didn’t talk to the photocopies for a while. Hunter called them non-people and ectoplastic blobs, he said life was so much better without them and he couldn’t believe he hanged around them; they became estranged. The night when Hunter catches the mulloway is when he forgives the photocopies. Jasmine comforts Hunter and gives him food while he fishes and Storm stopped Bereton from taking the mulloway. Hunter and the photocopies become friends again and all ends well between them. Another example of this is Saphonia and Brett. Saphonia has been trying to get a boyfriend for a while and has tried a lot of different guys. The complexity of this relation is that Brett is a policeman and Saphonia’s ex-husband is in jail. This relationship could become very complex when Saphonia’s ex-husband is free from jail. They may cross paths or...
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