Jeffrey R. Immelt Ethical Leader

Topics: General Electric, Jeffrey R. Immelt, Leadership Pages: 5 (2223 words) Published: May 24, 2013
Jeffrey R. Immelt is an ethical leader which fits the quote,”…. leaders are not responsible for making other people ethical. Rather they are responsible for enabling their organizations to be aware of ethical meaning and reflect on it as a core part of the organization.” Immelt is the ninth chairman of General Electric a post he holds till now since September 7, 2001 after his predecessor Jack Welch. Immelt is also nominated, not once but three time by Barron’s as “World’s Best CEO”. Furthermore, after Immelt is placed in the chief executive officer’s position General Electric has won several names by respected business magazines in the world- “America’s Most Admired Company” in a poll conducted by Fortune magazine and one of "The World's Most Respected Companies" in polls by Barron's and the Financial Times. Other than that, Jeffrey Immelt is also listed in the chair of President Obama’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. Not to mention, he is also one of the members from The Business Council. ( Jeffrey Immelt was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio on February 19th, 1956. His father was a middle manager for General Electric Aircraft Engines Division and without a doubt, that is where Jeffrey Immelt was first influenced to be today’s world class leader. In his younger days, Immelt’s parents emphasized a good education. "[My parents] believed that a good education was the great social equalizer, something that stays with you your whole like and that allows anyone to live their dreams" said Immelt. When attending his tertiary education, Dartmouth College, Immelt showed his leadership traits when he became the president of his fraternity, Phi Delta Alpha, and captain of the football team all while maintaining an excellent academic record. (Magee 2009) After achieving his MBA, Immelt immediately started off with GE as a internal sales consultant in Connecticut and within a year’s time, he was able to build a reputation of himself within the division. Later on, he was promoted as a district sales manager of Dallas, Texas- it was this move that began his journey up the corporate ladder to his today’s position. From a district sales manager he slowly worked his way up to GE appliances in 1989, where he had to faced with the recall of millions of refrigerators due to faulty compressors. That is the time where he first showed his leadership and managerial skills, earning respects from workers during that difficult time, giving a motivational speech at the factory standing on a forklift. Leaving with success, he then moved to the Plastics Division but failed to meet financial goals, nevertheless he still helped GE to grow before changing to the GE Medical System (GEM) divisions as the president in 1997. Under his guidance and supervision, Immelt had successfully transformed GEM into one of the world’s most leading and successful medical-imaging companies. Immelt helped lead GEM's revolutionary mammogram technologies into mainstream medical care and brought the world's fastest CAT-scan machine to the marketplace. By the 2000, after the official retirement of former GE president, Jack Welch, GE announced Jeffrey Immelt as CEO on November 27th, 2000 as a result of recognition from both internal and external of the company. His position as the CEO of GE definitely spells power, especially when services and products of the company are found worldwide and causes impact to individuals globally. Therefore, the personal characteristics of Immelt as the CEO becomes crucial to the success of the corporation. His every move, speech, or writing will affect every employee and stakeholder he faces.

One of the value he possesses is vision in the sense of making sure that every employee, and stakeholder in the company knows exactly what the organization is doing and why it is following the course of action it is doing. The second most important value Immelt possesses is his ability to master the business model. He...
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