Jeffrey Wigand Whistle Blower

Topics: Tobacco, The Insider, Nicotine Pages: 4 (1108 words) Published: March 18, 2011
Jeffrey Wigand
Dr. Jeffrey Wigand is best known as the whistle blower against the Brown and Williams Tobacco Corporation (B&W). He revealed the unethical tactics B&W used to target youth, and how they deluded many patrons of the addictiveness of nicotine in tobacco. Dr. Wigand was born in New York City, however, he claims Mt. Pleasant, Michigan as his home. He travels extensively about the nationally as a motivational speaker, lecturer and specialist on various tobacco issues. In addition he the founder of a non-profit organization, catered for the youth called Smoke-free Kids. His mission is to educate and make the youth aware of the harmful use and addiction of tobacco. His goal is, by educating them while they are young they will make healthier choices.

Dr. Wigand has a multitude of academics degrees, one of which he has a PhD in biochemistry. Yet his ardor was and still is teaching which ranges from high school to lecturing across the nation. He has also held senior cooperate positions in the health care corporations, which includes Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer. Dr. Wigand has a passion for tobacco awareness, which formed from working in the research and development department at B&W Tobacco Corporation during 1988 to 1993. After leaving B&W he worked with several governmental agencies researching the effects of nicotine in tobacco products.

Dr. Wigand found during his research that B&W deceived many consumers of the affects of nicotine, this information was so alarming that he could no longer keep it a secret, it was something so alarming, that if he exposed the information he could jeopardize losing everything. It was an overwhelming cost he would have to pay if he went public. Dr. Wigand prior to working for B & W tobacco industry worked 25 years in health care for Union Carbine and Pfizer. He was recruited by B & W and hired to develop a safer cigarette. After one year on the project it was disband. He continued working and learned how the...
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