Jeffrey Ferrer: 4th District Congressman of Negros Occidental Focusing on the Effectiveness of the Project Implementation in La Carlota City

Topics: Negros Occidental, Negros, Bago City Pages: 9 (3997 words) Published: August 31, 2008
Jeffrey Ferrer started his political career in the City of La Carlota. He is currently had an immediate concerns for the two cities and four towns that is La Carlota and Bago City, Valladolid, San Enrique, Pulupandan and Pontevedra but I will deal on the first city mentioned mainly because this is his hometown and this is the reason why I managed to focus my study within the city and not on the whole of the 4th District since La Carlota is very important for him, this is where his heart belongs to and where he would always look back. Even at the point of running as a Congressman, majority of his votes came from the City in which it can be inferred that most of the La Carloteños believed in his capacity to be a public servant. He asked everyone to walk with him in the new path of public service as he will offer a much broader opportunity for everyone. On the other hand, it is expected that I would be focusing on the projects implemented and to be implemented only in La Carlota City however, I will also present some existing relevant data of other cities and municipalities that he and with the help of other governmental offices had conducted a million-worth project that might help me to enlighten my mind whether Jeffrey Ferrer is indeed effective in terms of his project implementation and as a whole being effective as a Congressman. From a poor family who had a dedication towards his work hence giving him this kind of opportunity to become a public servant. How it is to live like Jeffrey Ferrer? He started at the lower position as the Barangay Councilman in his native city, he became Councilor and that position made him to realize that he has the potential to become the mayor of La Carlota City with the help of course of some “big-shots” persona in the city and the whole Negros Occidental until he successfully became the Congressman of the Fourth District. In his term as the mayor, he gave his all to prove to the people that he got something that people expected him to have that is, sense of dedication being a politician. However, it is inevitable for the politician to be involved in some corrupt practices and the people are not blind not to see the reality of what is happening in the system. In his mayoral term, the construction of the La Carlota City gymnasium has been one of the controversial issues that he faced since the construction did not flourished knowing that it was worth million and yet the funds is not feasible that time and only to realize that he got that big house for her mother in an instant so people’s speculation on certain areas of concern is to be anticipated by many but he must not only to be blamed in here but all those politicians involved in that construction. Going back, those “big-shots” persona and a political figure as well that I have mentioned that aids him to be where he is now included the former representative of the 4th District, Congressman Charlie Cojuangco who endorsed him to be the successor under the National People’s Coalition-United Negros Alliance, Eduardo Cojuangco, Jr. the NPC-UNA chairman Emeritus who appoint him as their party’s standard bearer in the 4th District, his godfather, Governor Joseph Marañon and the philanthropist Ms. Gretchen Oppen Cojuangco who happened to be planning also to enter in the same position of that of Congressman Ferrer but dropped her earlier plan to run for Congress and eventually she realized that it would be better for herself to be somehow get away from the political perspectives and later decided to just concentrate on her advocacy towards the environment, women, helping the poor and other related stuffs so she openly gave the spot to the present Congressman Jeffrey Ferrer. With all the things that he had already been achieved, life is already a fulfillment that he thought must be gladly shared with other people especially to the La Carloteños as well as to the whole 4th District here in Negros Occidental. The commitment to work led...
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