Jealousy and Manipulation in Othello

Topics: Othello, Jealousy, Envy Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: April 25, 2010
Jealousy and Manipulation in Othello

He, who loves his wife for the lust, can run away from the situation that haunts him. But, he who loves his wife like he loves his god, loves to the death. Othello loved his wife so much, that if someone like Iago would plant seeds of lies and misjudgments into Othello, him and any other would go to the extreme as to kill her just to stop the pain. Jealousy itself it self is like a predator searching for the weak. Othello quotes, “O! beware, my lord, of jealousy; It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock. The meat it feeds on. ~William Shakespeare, Othello.

Iago, the predator, purposely imbedding jealous images into Othello’s head. Othello had no choice but to recognize how close his wifes relationship with Cassio really was. In his mind his closest friend is using their friendship to manipulate him into thinking they are friends just to get closer to Desdemona.

“ Get me some poison, Iago; this night! I’ll not expostulate with her, lest her body and beauty unprovid my mind again.” Iago’s manipulation is so great that Othello would kill the one he loved so much. Ruthless Iago knew that the only way to make the situation much worse was to convince Othello to murder his beloved with his bare hands. This away he could not get away with this action and he thought this would bring Othello to his own grave. So, Iago said “Do it not with poison, strangle her in the bed, even the bed she hath contaminated.”

Now, I ago had Othello’s head wrapped around 2 things that this world has always had problems with – Jealousy & Manipulation. But , the true situation that ran this whole operation was greed. This monster controlled many kings, families and any person who could not control themselves. Iago’s greed was to become a higher ranked person than Cassio. With this he used his manipulation on Othello and Cassio unsuspectingly in the dungeon. Foolishly tricking Cassio into talking about his girlfriend,...
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