Jealousy in Othello

Topics: Othello, Iago, Desdemona Pages: 2 (635 words) Published: September 8, 2012
Because of his obsession with Desdemona he allows Iago to manipulate him. He falls victim to Iago's plot as he allows his jealousy to obstruct his view of reality. He is desperate enough to sacrifice all his money and even murder to eliminate all competition for Desdemona's affection. This desperation eventually leads to his downfall as his attempt to kill Cassio ends in the loss of his own life. Bianca's jealousy originates from the discovery of the handkerchief in Cassio's chambers. Her jealousy amasses as Cassio requests she make a copy of it for him. Thinking it is a token from another woman, she becomes jealous and refuses to copy it. She expresses anger, but is able to repress her jealousy and desires to talk about it with Cassio. Othello's jealousy against Desdemona is perhaps the strongest emotion incurred in the play. The jealousy he experiences turns him insane with rage, and he loses all ability to see reason. The first instance that instills doubt in Othello's mind is Brabantio's warning "Look to her, Moor, if thou hast eyes to see:/She has deceived her father, and may thee" (1.3.292-293). This early seed of doubt allows Iago to play on Othello's jealous nature, and concoct a plan to take advantage of Othello. Iago slowly leaks his poison into Othello and soon has the result he desires, Othello is overcome with jealousy. Othello continuously denies his jealousy, but it is apparent that he is losing his mind with the thought of Desdemona's unfaithfulness. He speaks to Iago saying "No Iago;/I'll see before I doubt; when I doubt, prove;/And on the proof, there is no more but this,--/Away at once with love or jealousy!" (3.3.189-192) The fact that he believes that his wife is unfaithful with only insinuations put forth by Iago shows the fact that he is prone to jealousy. Soon after, with Iago's "help" he believes to see undeniable proof that Desdemona is unfaithful with the loss of the handkerchief. Othello experiences jealousy so strong that he delves...
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