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Topics: Julius Caesar, Roman Republic, Augustus Pages: 8 (1543 words) Published: May 23, 2013

Short Answer
Directions: Answer the questions below in sentence form.

1. What kind of man is Caesar?

2. What kind of man is Casca?

3. List three supernatural things that happen in Julius Caesar.

4. What does Portia do to convince Brutus to trust her?

5. What happens to make Calphurnia try to keep Caesar at home for the day?

6. Whose side does Brutus decide to be on?

7. What is Artemidorus’ trying to do with his letter to Caesar?

8. What do The Conspirators decide to do with Antony?

9. What do The Conspirators do with Caesar’s blood after he’s dead?

10. What are Caesar’s last words?

11. At the end of Act III, are the citizens of Rome on Brutus’ or Antony’s side?

12. How do you know that Cassius and Brutus’ relationship is deteriorating?

13. How does Portia kill herself?

14. What happens to The Poet Cinna?

15. What supernatural being appears to Brutus?

16. What do The Conspirators and the Triumvirate do before the battle?

17. Where does the battle take place?

18. What happens to Brutus?

19. On what day does Cassius die?

20. Would Brutus ever allow himself to be dragged through the streets of Rome in chains?

21. Explain why Brutus’ decision to allow Antony to speak at Caesar’s funeral brings disaster to the conspirators.

22. Who is the protagonist in the play? Are they a dynamic or a static character? Give reasons for your answer.

23. Summarize Brutus’ motives for becoming involved in Caesar’s assassination.

24. Contrast Cassius and Brutus.

25. Who is a runner in the races held on the Feast of Lupercal?

26. What is Brutus’ motive for killing Caesar?

27. How many times does Caesar refuse the crown?

Multiple Choice
Directions: Choose the best answer to complete each statement.

28. ______ The appearance of Caesar’s ghost is an example of a. Hyperbole
b. Understatement
c. Characterization
d. Foreshadowing

29. ______When Cassius speaks in an aside to Brutus about whether Antony should speak at Caesar’s funeral, a. All of the characters listen and respond
b. His words are heard only by Cassius and the audience c. He stands alone on stage, probably in front of the curtain d. His words are heard by the audience, but he is seen by no one

30. ______ Judging from the events in Act I, the political mood and behavior of the Romans are BEST described as a. Cowardly and timid
b. Discontented and angry
c. Unswervingly patriotic and firm
d. Fickle and changeable

31. ______ Caesar disregards the omens for all the following reasons EXCEPT a. He feels fate is inescapable
b. He feels invincible
c. He does not want to appear cowardly
d. He always listens to his wife

32. ______ Caesar’s dying words express
a. Love for the Roman people he hoped to serve as king b. Regret for not having followed Calphurnia’s advice c. Surprise that Brutus is one of the assassins
d. Sorrow over murdering Pompey before returning to Rome

33. ______ The central conflict introduced in ACT I is between a. Brutus and Cassius
b. Caesar and his opponents
c. Caesar and the soothsayer
d. Brutus and himself

34. ______What is ironic, or surprising about Brutus’ suicide? a. He didn’t know that he had been pardoned for Caesar’s assassination. b. Unaware that Antony was about to surrender, Brutus misread the battlefield. c. At the beginning of Act IV, he claimed that suicide was cowardly and vile. d. He didn’t know that Cassius had already committed suicide nearby.

26.______ At Caesar’s funeral, Antony says
“Good friends, sweet friends, let me...
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